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Math Games

Online Math Games

Math Jeopardy Games

Second Grade Jeopardy Algebra 1 - C. Lewis
Math 8 Jeopardy-C.Jacobs Math Grade 6 Jeopardy T.I.M.E. Activity - R. Dodson
Integers (Grades 6 and above) - Adapted from Hardin County Schools, Kentucky Math Grade 7 Jeopardy- D. Thomas
Math Grade 8 Jeopardy- A. Hamilton Area and Volume - C Sitja
Measurement - C Sitja Pre Calculus Review - G. Williams
Algebra Review - C. Lewis Math 8 & Pre Algebra Jeopardy Fractions
Geometry Game - Emerson ISTEP Practice - G. Williams
10th grade Review- Siggers Pre Algebra Jeopardy- Presley
Geometry Game - Emerson ISTEP Practice - G. Williams
10th grade Review- Siggers Pre Algebra Jeopardy- Presley
Jeopardy PreAlgebra-Sapyta Jeopardy Algebra 1-Magee
Jeopardy 8th grade Math Review- H Williams Math 7 Jeopardy

Math PowerPoint Games

Basic Shape Patterns-Paducah Kentucky Schools

Addition Math Facts Part 2-Paducah Kentucky Schools

Math (K-2) Math Facts - Paducah Kentucky Schools

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - H. Knight

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - Hinkens

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire- End Of Year- Olavarri

Drag and Drop Games

Grade K-1 Count and Drag to Five-Saturday School-YHall Inpiration graphics

Grade K-1 Count and Drag to Five Verion 2 -Saturday School-YHall Inpiration graphics

MindPoint® Quiz Show

Make learning fun and improve student motivation by presenting study questions in a fun game-show format! What student wouldn’t rather play a game than read a textbook? Even the most easily distracted students will pay attention and want to participate and “compete” to answer questions! DQA questions banks are on the DQA Practice Page.

Download Free MindPoint Quiz Show Student Lite Version!! (User Guide)

Learning Series Sampler Question Banks for Math/English (winzip file)

Math Brain

Math Brain, sponsored by the Family Education Network and Pearson Education, is a division of FunBrain.  Math Brain offers a series of math games from levels 1-8.  After each successful game won, players are given a password to pay further.

Cool Math

Cool Math for kids is an all-around website devoted to fun math for kids.  There is a section devoted to math education, as well as math games.  Parents and teachers each have their own sections which offer suggestions for using the site.

Aplus Math

Aplus math is a popular math website among teachers.  This site offers math reinforcement, remediation, and practice for students of all ages.  There is a separate page for math games.

Funschool Games

Funschool is a website offering school activities and games for ages preschool-sixth grade.  All activities and games are grade-specific.  This site has over 200 games and activities to choose from.

Primary Games

Primary Games offers younger students games and activities in many different subject areas.  There is also a section for printables and parent support.

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